Diadumenian           218 A.D.


Macrinus named his son Diadumenian co-Augustus within a year after his own accession but both perished at the hands of their soldiers soon afterwards.


AE 28 217--218 A.D.

Moesia Inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum

Obv. Bare-headed bust of Diadumenian right

Rev. VP AGRIPPA NI/KOPOLITomegaNP, ROS ISTR in exergue: Unbearded river god, probably River Istrus, reclining left, right hand on his knee, left hand on a streaming Source-vessel

AMNG I, p. 460, no. 1806, issued by Agrippa; AMNG 1806, citing a single specimen

in St. Petersburg, probably the same reverse and obverse dies; Moushmov 1351 (closest 1349-1352)