Vespasian           69 - 79 A.D.


Vespasian was the son of a businessman and tax collector. By befriending people in high places, he gained a foothold in the Senate and eventually was appointed as Proconsul of Africa in 63 A.D. From there he became more of a VIP under Nero and was put in charge of suppressing certain revolts in Israel. During this period civil war broke out following the Nero's death and he took the opportunity to have himself named Emperor. He then took his troops towards Rome where he defeated Vitellius, the last of the pretenders to the throne and a former colleague and friend.

He spent the rest of his reign rebuilding the wreck that was left of Rome following the troubles of 69 and rebuilding the Roman economy. He also expanded the empire's borders within Britain and granted citizenship to the inhabitants of vast sections under Roman control.


AE Tetradrachm 69--79 A.D.

Syria, Antioch, Year B=2 69--70 A.D.

14.28 g., 25 mm.

Obv. Laureate head right

Rev. Eagle standing front on thunderbolt, head right, palm branch to right, B in upper right


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