Constantine II         337 - 340 A.D.


Constantine II was the oldest son of Constantine I and inherited all the Western portions of the empire except for Africa and Italy. Not content with this much he bullied his brother Constans and tried wresting these possessions away from him. When Constans had had enough and cut off communications with Constantine the elder reacted by bringing his army into Northern Italy. But Constans had anticipated these events and was well-prepared to meet him. Caught off-guard by this counter-offensive, Constantine was killed in the fight and his possessions became Constans.


AE3 Caesar, 316--337 A.D.

Thessalonika 320--321 A.D.

19 mm.

Obv. CONSTANTINVS IVN NOB C: Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust left

Rev. CAESARVM NOSTRORVM: VOT V surrounded by wreath with star at apex,

encircled by inscription

RIC VII 120, L305793

AE3, Follis prior to ca. 335 A.D.


19 mm.

Obv. CONSTANITVS IVN AVG: Diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust left

Rev. CAESARVM NOSTRORVM: VOT V encircled by laurrel wreath

S 3943 type

AE3, Follis 316--337 A.D.

Nicomedia Prior to ca, 335 A.D.

19 mm.

Obv. DN FL CL CONSTANTINVS NOB C: Laureate, draped bust left

Rev> PROVIDENTIAE CAESS: Jupiter standing left, holding staff and bearing Victory on globe and presenting wreath, palm branch in left field, pellet and B in right field, SMN in exergue

SR 3946v., Van Meter 39