Eudoxia                         c.380 - 404


The wife of Arcadius, Eudoxia had no desire to remain in the political background that was expected of an empress. Instead, she thoroughly dominated not only the will of Arcadius (who was, incidentally, content to relax well out of the limelight) but also play an active role in the political issues of the day and the religious ones as well. In this light she was resented by many who saw her self-acquired role unwelcome and was denounced as arrogant and materialistic. Those who had the nerve to condemn her could always count on swift retribution on her orders and this only served to further alienate those who weren't on her "good side". Honorius himself was said to complain to his brother Arcadius about the situation but the eastern emperor apparently never took any steps to suppress his wife's activities. Despite the negative view of her that has survived it seems apparent that she took advantage of her imperial position to live life to its fullest as she saw fit without regard for keeping appearances.

She died at the age of only 21 due to complications following childbirth.


AE 3 395--404 A.D.

Constantinople, Officina 3

2.2g., 16 mm.

Obv. AEL EVDOXIA AVG: Diademed and draped bust right, with wreath over her head

Rev. GLORIA ROMANORVM: Eudoxia seated facing on a throne. CONS(Gamma) in exergue

Van Meter 5