Geta             198 - 211 A.D.


Geta, Caracalla's brother and son of Septimius Severus, served as Caesar from 198 until his father's death in 211. At this point he became Augustus, sharing the top slot with Caracalla. Caracalla, in turn, wanted none of this and prepared to rid himself of his unwelcome sidekick. Tricking Geta into a feigned peace summit to be convened on the neutral grounds of their mother's residence, Geta was instead ambushed by a detachment of Caracalla's troops and cold-heartedly slain as he desperately sought refuge in his mother's arms.


AR Denarius 198--212 A.D.

20 mm. (struck between


Obv. P SEPT GETA CAES PONT: Draped, cuirassed and bare-headed bust right

Rev. FELICITAS PVBLICA: Felicitas standing left and holding caduceus and cornucopiae

RSC 38, Van Meter 8

AR Antoninianus 198--212A.D.


18 mm.

Obv. P SEPT GETA CAES PONT: Draped, bare-headed bust right

Rev. SECVRIT IMPERII: Securitas seated left, holding patera

C. 183, Van Meter 19