Hostilian                   250 - 251 A.D.     


Hostilian was the son of Trajan Decius and brother of Herennius Etruscus. He was made Augustus along with his father and brother shortly before heading out to meet a barbarian army. Both Decius and Etruscus died in battle leaving him as sole emperor, briefly, before one of Decius's generals, Trebonianus Gallus, was also elevated to the throne by the surviving soldiers. Hostilian died soon after of the plague at a young age.


AR Antoninianus 251 A.D.

21 mm.

Obv. C VALENS HOSTIL MES QVINTVS N C: Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust


Rev. PRINCIPI IVVENTIS: Hostilian standing left, holding standard and spear

RIC 144, C. 38, Van Meter 13/2