Licinius II                   Caesar 312 - 324


Unfortunate son of Licinius who was forced into slavery and thereafter lost to history as a young boy upon Constantine's final defeat over Licinius and his court.


AE3 317--324 A.D., Caesar

Trier, Officina 1 (?)

20 mm.

Obv. VAL LICINIVS NOB CAES: Laureate, draped bust right

Rev. IOVI CONSERVATORI: Jupiter standing left, holding spear and thunderbolt, C in

left field and S in right field

Van Meter 5v. (?)

AE3 317--324 A.D., Caesar

Heraclea, Officina 3

17 mm.

Obv. DN VAL LICIN LICINIVS NOB C: Laureate head right, holding scepter

Rev. PROVIDENTIAE CAESS: Camp-gate with three beacons

Van Meter 8