Maximinus II                308 - 313 A.D.


The nephew of Galerius, Maximinus "Daia" was chosen as his eastern Caesar under the shaky Tetrarchy of Diocletian. He was sent to oversee Syria and Egypt where he awaited his turn at being emperor of the east half of the empire. Unfortunately for him, the western Caesar, Severus II, was defeated by the usurper Maxentius. This in turn forced Galerius to name Licinius as his replacement. Galerius died in 311 and Licinius, not Maximinus, was elevated to Augustus totally sidelining Maximinus who was the senior Caesar. Maximinus was upset about this, to say the least, but somehow or other he and Licinius patched up their differences and the status quo was preserved for the time being.

Licinius would then stir up trouble again, however, by aligning himself with Constantine who would then go on to defeat the forces of Maximian and Maxentius (a secret ally of Maximinus). Maximinus could bear no more and realized that he was probably next on the chopping block. Taking the initiative, he went on the warpath and declared war on Licinius. Licinius had the upper hand militarily though and was able to defeat him in two separate battles. Maximinus was killed or committed suicide and Licinius had his family executed as well.


AE Follis 305--308 A.D,, Caesar


25-29 mm.

Obv. GAL VAL MAXIMINVS NOB C: Laureate bust right

Rev. GENIO CAESARIS: Genius standing left, holding cornucopiae in left hand and patera in right hand

RIC vi 43, Van Meter 12v.

Roman Imperial Maximinus II Daia

AE Follis 309-313 A.D.

23 mm.


Laureate head right


Genius standing left

Van Meter 7