Phillip II                247 - 249 A.D.


Philip II was the son of Philip who named him co-Augustus just before he set out to fight the army of Trajan Decius. Philip was only about 10 years old and when news reached Rome of Decius's victory the boy could do little to stem the growing momentum against his father's killer. Briefly, he remained sole emperor but the troops in Rome were no match for the approaching army of Decius, especially considering that Philip's own captured troops were now fighting alongside him. As expected, rather than fight a losing battle, the Praetorian Guard just murdered the boy and avoided the confrontation.


AR Antoninianus 244--247 A.D.

20 mm.

Obv. M IVL PHILIPPVS CAES: Radiate, draped bust right

Rev. IOVI CONSERVAT: Jupiter, naked, standing left with staff and thunderbolt

RSC 13b, C. 13, Van Meter 3

AR Antoninianus 244--247 A.D.

22 mm.

Obv. M IVL PHILIPPVS CAES: Radiate bust right

Rev. PRINCIPI IVVENT: Philip II standing left, in military garb, holding spear and globe

C. 48, Van Meter 10/1