Pupienus                           238 A.D.


One of the joint emperors along with Balbinus, Pupienus's short career as emperor began when the rebellion of the Gordiani in Northern Africa failed. The Senate fearful of the oncoming army of Maximinus hastily hailed both as the new Augusti. While Balbinus was left in charge of consolidating power in Rome, Pupienus led an army to meet Maximinus. Following good advice from his generals, Maximinus fell into a trap and his angry soldiers murdered him and pledged allegiance to the army of Pupienus. On his return, however, Pupienus was not received as a hero but rather as a puppet of the Senate. Add to this a deep mistrust of and by Balbinus that was evident to the Praetorian Guard and the whole issue was put to rest when the latter massacred both of them on the same day.


AR Antoninianus 238 A.D.

23 mm.

Obv. IMP CAES M CLOD PVPIENVS AVG: Radiate and draped bust right

Rev. AMOR MVTVVS AVGG: Clasped hands

C. 1, Van Meter 1