Tetricus I                       271 - 274 A.D.


Tetricus was governor of Acquitaine in Gaul when Victorinus, the emperor of this secessionist region, was murdered. Victorinus' mother, who evidently had a certain degree of influence in the army, then appointed the Governor to emperor. The reign of Tetricus was pot marked by a string of battles against loyalist Romans, other secessionist states, would-be crown usurpers and barbarians. It all finally ended when Tetricus arranged for surrender to the forces of Aurelian in exchange for his life. The plot was carried off and Aurelian subsequently pardoned him as well as appointed him to office either as governor of Lucania or as corrector of Italy. Contemporary historians relate how the two former adversaries retained a strong friendship.


AE Antoninianus 271--274 A.D.

16 mm.

Obv. IMP TETRICVS PF AVG: Radiate and draped bust right

Rev. SALVS AVGG: Salus standing left and feeding a snake

C. 154, Van Meter 8