Vetranio                                  350


When word of Constans' fate got out Constantius II was too far away to be immediately effective. However, his sister Constantina was an ardent supporter of his and was able to incite a revolt in Rome on her brother's behalf. This gave rise to the short-lived rule of Nepotian. At her insistence she was also able to convince Vetranio to go on the rebel warpath as well. Unlike Nepotian, however, Magnentius resisted the urge to squash this impostor and instead tried to have Vetranio recognize him. Not much came of these talks because Constantius was by now nearby and he met Vetranio in person to discuss the situation. After their meeting was over Vetranio abdicated and retired as private citizen along with a generous pension from Constantius. This left Magnentius diplomatically isolated again and the two would confront each other in battle soon.


AE Cententionalis 350 A.D.

Siscia, Officina 2

4.96 g., 22 mm.

Obv. DN VETRANIO PF AVG: Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right; A in lower

left field and star in lower right field

Rev. HOC SIGNO VICTOR ERIS: Emperor standing left, holding labarum and scepter,

crowned from behind by Victory; A in extreme left

center field, (pellet)BSIS(star) in exergue

SR 4042v, Van Meter 7