Greek Coins

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Greek Aeolis, Kyme

AR Tetradrachm after 165 B.C.

28 mm.

Obv. Head of Amazon Kyme right with hair bound by ribbon

Rev. Horse prancing to right, one-handled vase at feet before KYMAI(Omicron)N, in exergue KA(Lambda)(Lambda)IA(Sigma)

cf. 5.4183 Oakley Issue, 12-37[ANSMN 27], SNG Delpierre 2556

Greek Aeolis, Kyme

AE 16 3rd Century B.C,

Aeolis, Asia Minor

3.2 g., 16.34 mm.

Obv. Forepart of horse prancing right

Rev. One-handled vase

Sear 4188

Greek AKE-Ptolemaic

AE 17 2nd Century, B.C.

Obv. Laureate and jugate heads of the Dioscuri right

Rev. Cornucopiae with three-line inscription: ANTIOXEWIN TWN EN PTOLEMAIDI

Sear 6046

Greek Agathokles

Sicily, Syracuse 317--289 B.C.

8.43 g., 22 mm.

Obv. (Sigma)YPAKO(Sigma)I(Omega)N: Diademed head of Persephone left, poppy behind

Rev. Biga right, GoX in exergue

Calciati II 123; Copenhagen 804 v., SNG ANS 755 v. (letters in exergue)

Greek Alexander III, the Great

AE 17 336--323 B.C.


Obv. Bust of Herakles right, wearing lionskin head-dress

Rev. Club with bow and quiver, A(Lambda)EKAN(Delta)POY between

No Data

Greek Alexander III, the Great

AR Drachm 336--323 B.C.

Lampsacus 328--323 B.C.

10 mm.

Obv. Head of beardless, youthful Herakles clad in lion's skin, right

Rev. Zeus enthroned left, bearing scepter and eagle in right hand, K beneath throne, Omicron beneath left foot, and club in lower left field

This coin was probably minted from the captured silver of the Persian treasury in Persepolis, minted to pay those veterans wishing to return home to Greece.

Price 1348A

Greek Alexander III, the Great

AR Tetradrachm 317--311 B.C.


16.88 g., 25 mm.

Obv. Alexander right, wearing lion's skin head-dress

Rev. Zeus seated left, holding scepter and eagle, H in lower center left field

Price 3708

Greek Apamea

AE 17 First Century B.C.

Syria, Apamea 51--50 B.C.

4.5 g., 17 mm.

Obv. Veiled bust of Tyche right

Rev. AIIAMEAN TH(Epsilon) IEPA(Epsilon)KAE A(Epsilon)Y(Lambda)OY" Nike walking left, holding wreath, AN below, CI (year 16) to left, 51--50 A.D.

Lindgren I 2034

Greek Arados

AR Tetradrachm 2nd--1st Century A.D.

26 mm.

Obv. Tyche right

Rev. Nike standing left, within wreath

BMC 262v.

Greek Arsinoe

AE 16, with Lysimachos after 316 B.C.


Obv. Head of Arsinoe, veiled, right

Rev. AP(Sigma)I; stag kneeling to left; head turned back to left in field astagalus, name of

magistrate APICTAIOC

Leonard Forrer Portrait of Royal Ladies on Greek Coins, 1966, p.6: Forrer 15

Greek Aspendus, Pamphylla

AR Stater 350--300 B.C.

22 mm.

Obv. Two wrestlers grappling, A (Sigma) lower center field

Rev. ESTFDIIYS: Slinger to right, triskeles in right center field

No data

Greek New-Style Tetradrachm

AR 32 2nd Century B.C.


Obv. Helmeted head of Athena right

Rev. Owl standing on amphora

This coin is an early issue of the type.

SG 2553v.

Greek Old-Style Athenian Tetradrachm

AR Tetradrachm 449--413 B.C/


17.16 g., 25 mm.

Obv. Helmeted head of Athena right

Rev. Owl standing right

"From a well executed set of dies of the finest classical style"--Wayne Sayles

SG 2526v.

Greek Bithynia, Dia

AE 19 ca. 85--65 B.C.

8.10 g., 19 mm.

Obv. Diademed head of Zeus right

Rev. Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, head reverted, monogram in left field, (Delta) IA(Sigma) in exergue

SNG BMC Black Sea 1560-1565, CNG #20, 1/14/2001 #1269

Greek Chersonese

AR Hemidrachm 400--350 B.C.


14 mm.

Obv. Forepart of lion right, head back and mouth open

Rev. Four-part incuse punch, pellets in opposed quarters

PIC (?) 3699

Greek (Roman Protectorate) Dyrrachium

AR Drachm 2nd Century B.C.

17 mm.

Obv. MENI(Sigma)KO(Sigma): Cow suckling calf, Nike flying overhead with wreath, thunderbolt below

Rev. Divided square (altar ?), decorated in two panels; (Delta)YP/(Lambda)(Omega)/ NO(Sigma) on the sides

SG 1900 (?), SNG Tubingen 1396v.

Greek Dyrrachium (Epidamnos)

AR Drachm 2nd Century B.C.

Dionysiou (Moneyer: Meniskos)

16 mm.

Obv. Cow suckling calf right, raven flying overhead

Rev. Square (altar ?) with (Delta)YP/(Delta)--/--Y on sides

SNG Tubingen 1396-7

Greek Ephesos

AE 18 202--133 B.C.


18 mm.

Obv. Bee within laurel wreath

Rev. Stag standing right, palm tree behind, monogram in right field

SG 4411

Greek Ephesos

AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm 69--68 B.C.

12.31 g., 25 mm.

Year 66

Obv. Cista Mystica with serpent, surrounded by flowers

Rev. Bow case between two entwined serpents, inscription to left, two crossed

corunucopia above with branch between, torch to right

Pinder 51

Greek Eretria

AE 18 411--404 B.C.

7.5 g., 18 mm.

Obv. Head of nymph Euboia right, hair rolled

Rev. Cow standing right, two bunches of grapes above

No Data

Greek Hieron II

AE 26 275--215 B.C.

Sicily, Syracuse

19.47 g., 26 mm.

Obv. Diademed head left

Rev. IEWNOS: Horseman with lance, galloping right, N in right field

Calciati 195, RI 35

Greek Hieron II

AE 27 274--216 B.C.

Sicily, Syracuse

18.97 g., 27 mm.

Obv. Diademed head left

Rev. IEWNOS: Horseman galloping right, with couched lance, N in right field

Calciati II, p. 381, 195; R131, Favorito 63g

Greek Hieron II

AE 19 275--215 B.C.

Sicily, Syracuse

7.1 g., 19 mm.

Obv. Poseidon, bust left

Rev. Ornamented trident between two dolphins, IEP(Omega)/NO(Sigma) below trident and (Sigma)(Omega) in bottom right field

Sear 1223

Greek Hiketas

AE 24 288--279 B.C.

Sicily, Syracuse

24 mm.

Obv. Head of Persephone left

Rev. Charioteer driving biga right, star above, monogram in exergue

SG 1209

Greek Istros

AR Stater 400--350 B.C.


5.44 g., 18 mm.

Obv. Facing heads, inverted

Rev/ Sea eagle on back of dolphin. I(Sigma)TPIN above, B below in right field

No Data

Greek Julius Caesar Supremacy

AR Tetradrachm Dated from defeat of Pompey the Great Anonymous in the name of Philip Philadelphus

Year of assasination of Julius Caesar "E" year 5, 45/44 B.C.


25 mm.

Obv. Bust right

Rev. Zeus enthroned left, holding staff in left hand and Nike with palm in his outstretched right hand, monogram in lower left field, thunderbolt below

RPC 4129

Greek Larissa

AR Drachm 350--325 B.C.

Phillip II of Macedonia

5.88 g., 19 mm.

Obv. Head of the nymph Larissa, three-quarters facing, wearing necklace, hair confined by a fillet and floating loosely, with ampyx in front

Rev. Horse grazing right, head of bull beneath, in exergue (Lambda)API(Sigma)AI(Omega) N

Ashmolean 3878, Rx bucranium

Greek Leucas

AR Stater 400--330 B.C.


21 mm.

Obv. Bust of Pallas Athena left, bunch of grapes behind her head, (Sigma) below

Rev. Pegasos right, with mint mark (Lamba) below

BMC 48, Sear 2276

Greek Lycia

AR Diobol 1st Century B.C. Myra Masikytes

0.70 g., 10 mm.

Obv. Head of Artemis right, wearing stephane, bow and quiver behind her shoulder

Rev. Incuse square. quiver in center field, torch lower left, letters in each corner of incuse area

BMC 19.65,24; MBH 718/BGF, SG 5300

Greek Macedon

AR Tetradrachm after 168 B.C.

30 mm.

Obv. Artemis Tauropolos right within center of Macedonian shield, quiver and bow behind her shoulder

Rev. Club within wreath, MAKE(Delta)ON(Omega)N above and (Pi)P(Omega)TH (Sigma) below

SG 1386

Greek Macedon, Anonymous

AE 18 185--165 B.C.

Obv. Simple circular Macedonian shield

Rev. Nike adancing left, holding palm branch, Greek legend MAKE/DONON

cf. Mu 5324

Greek Ionia

AE 21 ca. 190 B.C.


8.56 g., 21 mm.

Obv. Helmeted head of Athena right

Rev. Horseman galloping right, holding spear

SNG Copenhagen 849, CNG

Greek Maroneia

AE 15 400--350 B.C.


3.82 g., 15 mm.

Obv. Horse prancing right, monogram beneath

Rev. MAPONIT(Omega)N: Legend around three sides of linear square containing grape vine; monogram beneath

SG 1636

Greek Maroneia

AE 23 after 148 B.C.


23 mm.

Obv. Head of Dionysios right, wreathed with ivy

Rev. Dionysios standing left, holding grapes and narthex stalks, cloak from left shoulder, his figure surrounded by the following inscriptions:

Monogram P(Delta)Y at right foot Sigma Delta Omega I T O H N P Y O Sigma Sigma P(Delta)Y O MAP(Omega)NIT(Omega)Y

SNG Copenhagen 643-644v., CNH #66, RIC V, pl. 2, 522

Greek Maroneia

AR Tetradrachm after 148 B.C.


30 mm.

Obv. Head of Dionysos right

Rev. Dionysos standing left, holding narthex stalks and bunch of grapes, a monogram at his foot in both fields; inscription that of Maroneia AE 23.

SG 1635

Greek, Indo-Greek Menander

AR Drachm 160--145 B.C.

16 mmn.

Obv. Diademed bust right

Rev. Jupiter standing left, holding shield and hurling thunderbolt

S 7600

Greek Messana, under the Mamertini

AE 26 Pentonkion 220--200 B.C.


11.2 g., 26 mm.

Obv. Laureate head of Ares, left

Rev. MAMEPTIN_N, (Pi) in left field: Nude horseman standing left, holding spear and touching head of horse standing behind and facing left

SG 1143

Greek Mesembria

AR Diobol 4th Century B.C.

Thrace, Mesembria

10 mm.

Obv. Crested Corinthian helmet facingl, N in lower left field

Rev. META between four spokes of a wheel, surrounded by a borker of radiating lines

SNG BM 268 ff., SG 1673

Greek Neapolis

AR Didrachm 340--241 B.C.

Campania, Neapolis

7.1 g., 20 mm.

Obv. Diademed head of the nymph Parthenope right, wearing three-drop earring

Rev. Victory crowning a man-headed bull with a wreath, right, NEA(Pi)O(Lambda)T in exergue

SG 307v., ex P. Cooper collection

Greek Olbia

AE 24 300--200 B.C.

Black Sea, Olbia

2.1 g., 24 mm,

Obverse and reverse: Dolphin-shaped coin

Sears' Greek Coins and Their Values, Volume I, Europe-page 168, Sears 1684

Greek Olbia

AE 28 ca. 2nd Century B.C.

Black Sea

28 mm.

Obverse and reverse: Dolphin-shaped coin with ridge running down length

Direct import from Ukraine

Greek Olbia

AE 29 ca. 2nd Century B.C.

Black Sea, Olbia

29 mm.

Obverse and reverse: Dolphin-shaped coin with ridge running down the length

Direct import from Ukraine

Greek Patraos

AR Tetradrachm 340--315 B.C.

Paeonia, Patraos

12.64 g., 25 mm.

Obv. Laureate head of Apollo right, with short hair; a test cut in the fourth quadrant

Rev. (Pi)ATPAOY: Armed warrior on a horse prancing right, spearing a fallen enemy, who holds a shield and a spear

Slightly double-struck

SG 1520

Greek Pantikapaion

AE 17 400--300 B.C.

Black Sea, Pantikapaion

17 mm.

Obv. Head of Pan left

Rev. Head of bull, (Pi) A N on three sides

S 1699v.

Greek Pantikapaion

Ae 17 4th Century B.C.

Thrace, Pantikapaion

4.64 g., 17 mm.

Obv. Head of Pan left

Rev. Forepart of bull, with (Pi) A N on three sides

SG 1899, SNG Copenhagen 32

Greek Pantikapaion

AE 23 80--70 B.C.

Thrace, Pantikapaion

15.5 g., 23 mm.

Obv. Wreathed head of Dionysos right

Rev. Bow case with monogram to left

Anokhin 212, SNG 946-947

Greek Parion

AR Hemidrachm ca. 480 B.C.

Mysia, Parion

3.1 g., 10 mm.

Obv. Gorgoneion

Rev. Incuse square containing cruciform patten with pellet at center

(hemidrachm=2.6 g.; 3/4drachm=4.0 g.)

SGC #3918, BMC 15.95, 10.

Greek Philip II

AE 17 359--336 B.C.


17 mm.

Obv. Bust right, hair bound

Rev. XI(Lambda)II IIOY: Youth on horseback, galloping right, spear beneath horse

S 6697

Greek Philip V

AE 20 221--179 B.C.

Macedon, Pella mint

8.24 g., 20 mm.

Obv. Head of young Herakles right, clad in lion's skin

Rev. Two goats kneeling right side by side, BA above, (Phi) below, two monograms in lower fields

SG II 6797, SNG Copenhagen 1250, D. Draganov 734

Greek, Seleuchid Kingdom Philip Philadelphos

AR Tetradrachm 93--83 B.C.

25 mm.

Obv. Diademed head of Philip right within a filleted border

Rev. Enthroned Zeus left, holding figure of Nike crowning the god with a wreath

Seaby 7196

Greek, Ptolemaic Egypt Ptolemy II

AR Tetradrachm 249 B.C.


24 mm.

Obv. Diademed bust right

Rev/ SOTEROS (Sigma)(Omega)TERO(Sigma): Eagle standing left on a thunderbolt

Sv 752

Greek, Ptolemaic Egypt Ptolemy II

AE 40 285--246 B.C.

74.4 g., 40 mm., 6 mm. in thickness

Obv. Head of Zeus left

Rev. Two eagles facing left, (Pi)TO(Lambda)EMAIOY BA(Sigma)I(Lambda)E(Omega) (Sigma)

SNG Copenhagen 145

Greek, Ptolemaic Egypt Ptolemy IV, Philopator

AE 38 221--205 B.C.

49.9 g., 38 mm.

Obv. Head of Zeus left

Rev. IITO(Lambda)EMAIOY BA(SIGMA)I(Lambda)E(Omega)(Sigma): Eagle, head right and standing on a thunderbolt, cornucopiae to right

No Data

Greek Reskuporid V

AE Stater 318--337 A.D.

19 mm.

Obv. CYICKOYIIO: Draped bust right

Rev. BKX: Draped bust right

L662403, Anokhin 771

Greek Rhodes, Carian Islands

AR Drachm 302--189 B.C.

2.7 g., 14 mm.

Obv. Facing bust of Helios, three-quarters to right

Rev. API(Sigma)TAKO(Sigma) above rose and bud, P and O on either side of stem. caduceus in left field

No Data

Greek Sicyon

AR Hemidrachm 430--390 B.C.

15 mm.

Obv. Chimaera walking left

Rev. Dove flying left

SG 2767

Greek Syracuse, Sicily

AE 21 ca. 390 B.C.

7.7 g., 21 mm.

Obv. Head of Athena left

Rev. Hippocamp left

No Data

Greek Syracuse, Sicily

AE 18 317--310 B.C.

18 mm.

Obv. Head of Persephone left, T behind head

Rev. Bull butting left, IE in exergue, knotted club above bull with (Delta) below

BMC 629, SG 1218, SNG Copenhagen 861

Greek Smyrna, Ionia

AE 20 125 B.C.

7.92 g., 20 mm.

Obv. Laureate head of Apollo right

Rev. Homer seated left holding scroll between mint name and magiostrates' names written downward.

Smyrna claimed to be the birthplace of Homer.

Milne 281, Sear 4572v.

Greek Tarentum, Calabria

AR Drachm 302--272 B.C.

ca. 3.15 g., 17 mm.

Obv. Athena right, wearing necklace and earrings, in crested helmet bearing the figure of Scylla

Rev. Owl with closed wings standing right, a club to the right; TAP upwards to left, IOP below

This coin was struck while Tarentum was allied with Metapontium.

Vlasto 1054, SNG ANS 1307

Greek Tarentum, Calabria

AR Didrachm 272--235 B.C.

18 mm.

Obv. Youth on a horse prancing left, EY above

Rev. Taras riding a dolphin left, holding an ornate trident, a bunch of grapes in the right field

Vlasto 842v.

Greek Tarsos, Cilicia

AR Stater 334+ B.C.

10.82 g., 22 mm. Issue of Mazaois, Governor of Cilicia

Obv. Ba'al of Tarsos enthroned left, head facing, holding eagle, corn-ear and bunch of grapes in his right hand, lotos-headed scepter in left, Aramaic legend "Baal Tarz" to right; worn die

Rev. Lion left on back of a bull kineeling left, which it attacks with teeth and claws; "Mazdai" above, ankh and grain shaft below

BMC 1, SNG Paris 335, S 5650v.

Greek Thasos, Thrace

AR Stater 480--460 B.C.

18 mm.

Obv. Ithyphallic satyr right carrying off a nymph who raises her arm in protest

Rev. Quadrapartite incuse square

Svoronos pl x. 14, BMC 5, SNG Copenhagen 1008

Greek (Siculo-Punic) Zeugetana, Sardinia

AE 19 300--264 B.C.

5.74 g., 19 mm.

Obv. Head of Tanit left, wearing wreath of corn ears, earring, and necklace; dotted border

Rev. Horse's head right, star in lower right field

SNG Copenhagen 144

Greek (Siculo-Punic) Zeugetana, Carthage

AR Didrachm 300--264 B.C.

7.47 g., 20 mm.

Obv. Head of Tanit left, wreathed with corn, wearing a necklace and single-drop earring

Rev. Horse standing right, looking back, in background a palm tree, to right a star

SG 6491, SNG Copenhagen 141

Greek Alexander III, the Great

AR Drachm posthumous, ca. 310-301 B.C.


17 mm. 4.14 gm.

Obv. Head of young Heracles right, wearing lionskin head dress

Rev. Zeus seated left on throne, holding eagle and scepter, A(Lambda)E(Chi)AN(Delta)POC

behind, crescent over monogram to front

Price 1809