Celtic Iberian

AE As 120--20 B.C.

Orosis, near the Ebro River, Spain

8.6 g., 23 mm.

Obv. Celtic-Iberian male head and three dolphins

Rev. Horseman with spear galloping right, belo9w Iberian legend OROSIS

Alvarez Burgos 1498

Celtic Iberian

AE 19 1st Century, B.C.

Saldui mint, later Caesar Augusta, present-day Zaragoza

Obv. Male head right, three dolphins surrounding bust

Rev. Horseman galloping right

No Data

Celtic Pannonia

AR Drachm 3rd Century B.C.(?)

2.93 g., 15 X 17 mm.

Style of Alexander the Great and Philip III of Macedon

Obv. Stylized head of Herakles in lionskin right

Rev/ Stylized Zeus seated left and holding eagle and scepter

No Data

Celtic Durotriges

AR Stater 54--45 B.C.

18 mm.

Uninscribed, abstract type

Obv. Head to right

Rev. Biga

S. 366v., Spink & Son 1235 100

Celtic Sequantes, Gaul

AE Potin ca. 52 B.C.

17 mm.

Obv. Head right with headband

Rev. Horse rearing left, pellet beneath

Castelin 789, BMC 323

Celtic Durotriges, Britain

AR One-fourth Stater 1 B.C.--1 A.D.

12 mm.

Uninscribed, abstract style

Obv. Head left (?)

Rev. (?)

S. 368v., 1242