Roman Imperatorial Koson, dynast 50-40 B.C.

AV Stater

19.5 mm. 8.67 g.

Olbia (?) Thrace

Obv. Roman consul Brutus in center, accompanied by two lictors; KOSON in exergue, BR monogram left

Rev. Eagle standing left on scepter, wings open, raising wreath in left foot

Probably issued for Brutus after Caesar's assassination, 44-42 B.C., during the Civil War. The obverse imitates a denarius struck by Brutus in 54 B.C.; the reverse imitates a denarius struck by Pomponius Rufus in 73 B.C.

RPC I 1701, BMC Thrace p. 208, 1; BMCRR II 48, Crawford 433/1; SGC 1733 var.

Roman Republican M. Atilius Seranus

AR Denarius 155--120 B.C.

18 mm.

Obv. Helmeted head of Roma right; X below chin, SARAV upward behind head

Rev. Dioscuri with star above each head, riding right, each with spear; M.ATIL below horses, ROMA in exergue

BMC 679, Sydenham 398c, Craw. 214/1c, Babelon 9 ATILIA

Roman Republican L. Thorinus Balbus

AR Denarius 105 B.C.

20 mm.

Obv. Juno of Lanuvium right wearing a goatskin head-dress, ISMR behind her head

Rev/ Bull charging right, A above back, THORINVS below, BALBVS in exergue

Sydenham 598, Sear 204

Roman Republican Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Marcellinus

AR Denarius 76--75 B.C.

3.81 g., 45 degrees, 17.6 mm. Pompey's military mint 76--75 B.C.


Obv. Diademed and draped bust of Genius Populi Roman with scepter over shoulder

Rev. Scepter, celestial sphere, and rudder; EX- S C across fields with LENT CVR XF (NT in moogram) below

This coin was by Pompey's paymaster in Spain. CVR X F is office of Curator Denarium Flandorum; EX S C is ex Senatus Consulto, by permission of the Senate, which probably refers to the permission to strike coins in excess of the quantity originally authorized.

S 324, Sydenham 752a, Craw 393/1b, RSC Cornelia 55

Roman Republican Gnaeus Pompey Junior, Imperator

AR Denarius son of Pompey the Great

3.52 g., 180 degrees, 17.5 mm. 46--45 B.C.

Corduba mint, Spain

Obv. M POBLICI LEG PRO PR: Helmeted head of Roma right

Rev. CN MAGNVS IMP (off flan): Hispania standing right, holding shield and two spears, presenting palm to Gnaeus Pompey standing left on prow, his left hand resting on a sword

S 1384, RSC 1, Sydenham 1035

Roman Republican Sextus Pompeius Magnus

AR Denarius Imperator and Prefect of the Fleet

3.31 g., O degrees, 19 mm. 42 B.C.

Sicilian mint

Obv. MAG PIVS IMP ITER: Diademed head of Neptune right, trident behind

Rev. PRAEF CLAS ET ORAE MARIT EX S C: Naval trophy of arms placed on an anchor; trophy made of trident, cuirass, helmet, stem of prow, apluster, and heads of Scylla and Charybdis

S 1391, BMC Sicily 15, Sydenham 1347, Craw. 511/2b, RSC 1a(Pompeia 21)

Roman Republican (Imperatorial ?) Marc Antony

AR Legionary Denarius (Legion XI) ca. 37 B.C.

21 mm.

Obv. ANT AVG/III VIR.R.P.C.: Galley right

Rev. Raven right, between two standards, LEG XI below

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